We are grateful to our Consultants who have assisted us by providing their thoughts on various aspects of the standard which will be incorporated into the text. In order to ensure the comments reflect as wide a range of thought as possible these Consultants have come from across the World and all have considerable experience in the Breed. Our thanks to those who have acted as Consultants but also to those many others who have contributed with their views. A full list of our Consultants appears at the bottom of this page



The CISPAP draws together and compares and explains the four Standards of the Breed currently is use around the World (the American, Australian, U.K. and FCI Standards; the Canadian one is commented on where it differs in content from the American Standard) with the use of text, illustrations and photos of real dogs showing both virtues and faults. It consists of 168 pages in A4 size and contains 560 drawings and over 550 photos. The vast majority of these are to illustrate the huge text section. Of the 168 pages, 29 are Sponsors advertising pages, there is an introduction - the rest is text. Most of the photos have been taken specially for the CISPAP, even those that have not have, for the most part, not been seen before or not widely seen.  The emphasis is on the contemporary Papillon and Phalene and there are very, very few photos of older dogs - most are contemporary. Over 60 people, from all over the world, helped us with photos, and we are most grateful for everybody's assistance.

The sections, describing and discussing points of the Standards in details, are headed by Deirdre's "adapted engravings", familiar from the Millennium Books. These are old engravings to which she has added a Papillon or Phalene, then coloured.
The book is the equivalent of around 350 A5 pages, i.e. size of the Club Handbook.
The CISPAP starts with 8 measured drawings representing the Papillon and Phalene as described by the Am.,  Aust., UK and FCI Standards.  The Standards are printed in full, then again in sections as we go through the points of the Standards and discuss/compare them.  We start with Head properties and continue, in very considerable detail, to include Neck and Shoulders, Toplines, Fronts, Movement front, side and rear, Tail set and carriage, Feet, Coat, Markings, Colour, etc.  There are some 250 drawings devoted to head properties alone, plus accompanying photographs, this gives some idea of the depth and scale of the CISPAP.  The text sections end with one on Age and the Standard and another on Photography and the Standard, followed by four pages of our Sponsors' Choices for their best/favourite contemporary Papillon/Phalene.
The covers are on 350 gm board, gloss laminated, and the pages for the book are 170 gm silk. This is very thick, high quality paper and we could never have used it for our A5 Mill Books - the number of pages required simply would not have gone through the binding machines.  There are 4 "onion skin" separators with a design of three Papillons and one Phalene, and the "And So To Bed..." endplate is, this time, a separate "onion skin".  The onion skins are printed in the "house" colour for this book, which is burgundy.
For the first time, the inside covers are printed, in colour.  We have printed Papillon and a Phalene puppy line drawings on the inside cover, to show the points of the dog, and below them the skeleton of the Papillon, indicating the bone structure.  On the back inside cover we have included brief biographies of ourselves.
There are two long bookmarks, one featuring the Papillon and the other the Phalene.  Both are in full colour with silk tails and are printed both sides, with different images.  It may be possible to buy additional bookmarks.
The slipcover  features a design in burgundy of a Papillon and Phalene; the boxes will be hand assembled and we should get the first ones on Wednesday 2nd.

The CISPAP is published in a Limited Edition of 1500, of which 400 have already been sold or otherwise accounted for.  Price 35.00 plus postage and packing. Prepaid orders, books for Sponsors, Subscribers to the CE and Consultants, will be sent out asap after publication


There are only 50 of these, of which there are only 12 left.  They are signed by Mike and Deirdre and all the lettering on the book covers and the box cover is to be foiled, by hand, in coppery gold.  The C/E contains the CISPAP bookmarks, but also its own limited edition pair of bookmarks - both signed and numbered by Deirdre.  The bookmarks will also have  hand-foiled borders, and are double sided.  They feature a Papillon and Phalene playing together.  One is "Autumn" - the dogs are red sable and white and play in autumn leaves, with a butterfly and horse chestnuts, leaves, acorns and a pine cone.  The second is "Winter", showing the dogs as tricolours, with snowdrops and a background of frosty leaves, holly and mistletoe.  Only 50 of these bookmarks will ever be printed, though Deirdre will be completing the series next year with "Spring" and "Summer". 
The subscribers to the CE also get their own A4 limited edition print, taken from the "Title Page" and the "And So To Bed..." plates.  Again, there are only 50 and they are signed and numbered. As the "And So To Bed..." plate will, this time, be printed as an onion skin in burgundy, this is the only opportunity for anyone to see or own the drawing in its original full colour.
Finally subscribers, like Sponsors, are invited to choose a piece, or short sequence, of original art work from the CISPAP.
The C/E costs 150.00 plus postage.   Prepaid orders, books for Sponsors, Subscribers to the CE and Consultants, will be sent out asap after publication


David Abbott (Lordsrake); Linda Greenslade (Serenglade); Sue Jones (Shimna);

Pat Munn (Ringlands); Carolyn and David Roe (Sunshoo); Jenny Scovell (Caswell)


Ruth Ann Ford (Forevr); Sandy Kiel (Anchor); Lou Ann King (Loteki);

Sharon and Don Mahoney (Mondelise); Barbara Stahl (Starblaze)

Moira Ure (Annacott)

Liliane Maziere

Kaj Ganger (Caratoots); Maud Pettersen (Skymingens)


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