The following links below will take you to a number of pages on which we have published just a few examples of the illustrations that will appear in the Book. These illustrations will be used to emphasize comments on various aspects of the standard and will help by showing not only correct adherence to type but also frequently seen examples of less correct type.

It should of course be noted that these illustrations were scanned from copies of the original drawings and reproduced on a home computer. As such they do not reflect the quality and clarity which the originals included in the book will show.  On the originals there are fine pencil shadings but these will not reproduce on the photocopies we used for scanning purposes. Hence on the pictures reproduced on this site some of the areas of white look a bit odd without any shadings at all.

Most of the drawings for the Illustrated Standard are in sequences as many as 18 in one sequence, often 10 or 12 but sometimes only 3 or 4. We are including some complete sequences to help readers and viewers get a better overall idea of the content, the attention to detail and the creativity of this unique Book. Nothing like it has ever been done before, to the best of our knowledge.

We hope you enjoy previewing these illustrations and any comments would be more than welcomed


Click on the title below to see the relevant illustrations. These will open in a new window, just close the window down to return to this page


Presentation Box, Front & Back Cover and Bookmarks


Measured Line Drawings representing the Four Breed Standards


Bite, Different Types of Coat, Eyes, Head


Sequence of Illustrations depicting top lines, length of body etc




Body Markings






A comparison between the German Spitz and the Papillon/Phalene


Hind Movement Sequence




The Standard and Age


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