This Website will shortly close down.  Despite extendng the deadline for CISPUG Sponsorship by five months we have received only HALF the Sponsoship needed in order to publish this important book. This is very disappointing, as much of the work on the book is finished - 600 drawings, as many photos again, (many taken specially for the CISPUG), and much of the text is complete. We had even typeset the first section of the book.

 Eike and Deirdre will complete the manuscript and the art work, so that the CISPUG project is finished, and will consider various ways of taking the book forward some time in the future. But the CISPUG, as originally envisaged - a follow up to the CISPAP only bigger, (200 pages to the CISPAP's 172), and even more detailed and comprehensive, will amost certainly never be published.

Thank you to everyone who did back this very important and unique book - there are many people dedicated to the Pug and its future who supported and encouraged us throughout; unfortunately there were just not enough of you.



    This is to introduce the Website for the CISPUG the Complete Illustrated Standard for the Pug which will be published early in 2010 by Eike Herold, Mike Foster and D E Ashdown. It will describe and illustrate the breed according to the four Breed Standards which are in use today across the world, (UK/Australia, USA, Canada and FCI) using text, drawings and photographs, in full colour and in black/white. We had planned to produce the CISPUG in the summer of 2009, however it is now apparent that the consultation process with the Breed Clubs, the Breed Council and the KC concerning revisions to the UK Standard will take some time. UPDATE The Revisions were ratified by the KC and published on October 1st - no alterations or rejections of submissions affect our text in any way.

2009 Ms D E Ashdown
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