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A preview of some of the Art Work

1) "Pekingese Maiden" by artist Jason Choong ( Nosredna)

2) This illustration by Sandra Carleton, a specialist animal portrait artist from London is done in ink and watercolour and is for the Review of Japan

3) Another of Sandra Carleton's, this time for the Canadian Review.

4) By Nancy Ross, a well known Pekingese artist, this charming illustration will head the Review for the USA

5) Deirdre's drawings which will be used on the front and back covers of one of the volumes of the Book, printed in Gold on Jade Green. The concept - Pekingese with orchids and cockatiel - is a tribute to the famous Maud Earl studies of Pekingese in an "oriental" setting, and which are generally considered to be amongst the finest Pekingese studies ever produced. These designs will be available as a signed, limited edition print upon publication of the Millennium Book. They will be presented as gifts to all those Pekingese enthusiasts who have written articles for us or produced art work. Remaining prints will be offered at a very low cost (to cover printing expenses) ONLY to advertisers; they will not be for sale to the general public. The limited edition prints will be produced on art paper in black on gold

6) Entitled "Alas Poor Yorick...."  this drawing by Deirdre will head the Pekes in Film, TV and Theatre Review and is obviously based on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

7) Bonnie Smith's superb illustration for the Australian Review

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